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When : 1999
What done : Paragliding top bottom
Learnt : hard slog back to the top
Time : 1 min in total :)
Comments :
This was a present from the wife - a weekends paragliding course on the Isle of man. What a great idea - though I wonder for a moment whether she is after the insurance ! . Great fun floating through the air even if it only lasts a minute ! Knackering having to climb back to the top of the hill carrying the paraglider. Managed a few top to bottoms but desperately need a soak in a bath. Strangely I met an old friend in the hotel bar.

When : 2001
What done : tandem paraglide off mountain in Austria
Time : 20 min total
Comments :
In Austria for the skiing and saw a chap giving tandem rides of the top of the mountain. A lot higher now but oddly it doesn't seem to bother me at all. The flight is much longer this time and we actually have to spiral down to loose height quickly. I guess we could have stayed up all day if the thermals were right. I guessed he wouldn't let me fly so I didn't bother asking !