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My beetle cabrio

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Mike Robinson and I live in Streatham London.

top down Work: I design databases and systems for a living but unfortunately canít show any here. Interesting projects span global position management, global trade reporting, program trading and regulatory reporting. Iíve worked permanently at Nomura, Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital and been a contractor at many others. I mostly work in London but have also worked in Tokyo, NY, Geneva and Luxembourg. For completeness I was also an unsuccessful comedian and once nearly joined the Luxembourg cavalry.

For fun: I like board games and particularly like writing computer programs to play them. Iím quite proud of a genetic learning algorithm I wrote to play chess, not only did it help tune the algorithms but it also helped debug the program. I love designing new computer languages and their compilers but I just accept that nobody will ever use them apart from me. My current challenge is to produce an arcade game for every planet in the Solar system. I play tennis to keep fit.

For charity: I ran the Friends group looking after Streatham Common for 5 years and was also head of the charity that administered itís funds. I still serve on itís exec and run small projects.