Board games

I love playing classical board games so if anyone lives in, or near, Streatham (South London) and wants a game of any of the following over a pint of beer then please get in touch.
backgammon board My first attempt at a game involving chance and I love it. Everyone plays it out in Greece and it takes a lot more thought than you'd think. The game seems to be about managing probablility rather than just moving pieces about. Computers only just have the edge on me on this one. Rating 1950.

a game of go A strangely beautiful game from China and Japan. Far better than chess but requires a very different mind set. Saddest thing is that barely anyone plays it over here. Computer programs are very poor players at this game so it always cheers me up giving them a game! Rating 2 Kyu.

chess game Everyone plays chess and it's a great game. I'm ok at the game but nothing special and it depresses me that computers are so strong. Best played over a pint. Rating 1800.

draughts game It looks simple but goes very deep. It's a shame few people play it well any more though I once played Ben King (the world champ) in a competition and was well and truely crushed! I do fairly well against computers though. The game is called checkers in the US. If you fancy a game against a program I wrote then try out diamond draughts. I don't have a rating at this game.