STUPID!!!! The real best!! The best of the best!! They realy do stink!! Give me a break!! They eat liver and then put it in a pool!! Come on England!!!!!!!ARSENAL!!
Arsenal are a great team.Well better than any other.They are rivals with Man.U.Who stink badly.Henry is there best player.He has magic feet ,I wouldn't try to get past him because you won,t.If I had another team it would be.... AC.MILAN.BUT there is someone who I realy hate..Cristiano Ronaldo!!He dives, but he is realy good at diving when jumping into a swimming pool.

Hi my name is Daniel I am 9yrs old. I live in Streatham,London next to the Rookery. I love sport, like Football,Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Table tennis, Basketball and Swimming. I go to school at Immanuel and ST.Andrews primary school. I like T.v and loads more things.I like Microstars and things that you can make and play with.My favorite animal is a ....Tiger because it is vicious.

My dad is a computer system designer. He spends more time on the computer than with me. He loves engines and he loves big engine motorbikes.The main 3 games he plays are chess, backgammon and draughts. He is 42.

Mum !!
Mum is a hard working mum.She spends more time with us THAN DAD!! and has to do chores around the house. That's why we like MUM!!